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Tech Connect 2.0 is a collection of educational technology resources to assist teachers in implementing the Common Core Standards.

Although there is not a specific set of "educational technology" standards for Common Core, technology is woven throughout several of the college and career readiness standards, more explicitly for English Language Arts than Math.

Throughout the core standards there are many instances where educational technology is the ideal tool to support common core lesson plans.

Tech Connect 2.0 is the educational technology guide that highlights the best tools for designing common core lesson plans that integrate 21st century skills and demonstrate the various tools for producing media and engaging in critical analysis in the classroom. Teachers will use these resources to increase their personal proficiency with using technology in education.

Mission of Tech Connect 2.0

The mission of Tech Connect 2.0 is to support teachers with technology education by integrating these tools into the curriculum as they begin implementing the Common Core Standards in their classrooms.

"If we teach today as we did yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." - John Dewey

The educational technology resources found at Tech Connect 2.0 provides a foundation for teachers to begin aligning current units and lessons with the Common Core State Standards while using technology tools to support teaching and learning.

Common Core State Standards

As the Common Core Standards are being phased in, teachers are asked to re-examine the way in which they plan and deliver instruction. With the new core standards, teachers are provided with end-of-year goals and are given the flexibility to demonstrate their professional judgment based upon their knowledge and experience in using the tools necessary to master these expectations. Guided by the specificity of the cumulative progression of the career and college readiness "anchor" standards, teachers are providing students with the necessary skills to be prepared to enter college and workforce training programs.

Educational Technology Tools

Educational technology tools provide the vehicle for students to perform research that supports the content and to demonstrate the use of digital media to present evidence of learning as it relates to the career and college readiness standards as well as the grade-level core standards. Using Bloom's Digital Taxonomy as the framework for identifying the diverse technology tools available, teachers can quickly integrate technology tools into their planning for teaching the core standards that require students to integrate and evaluate content and to examine and convey complex ideas and information. As the Web 2.0 technology becomes more ubiquitous, many of these technology tools are available at our fingertips and generally at no or low-cost.
































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